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Tons of new style have arrived!

At Sightline, we are frame geeks.  We know frames from the days when we were importing eyeglasses from around the wor...

Cleaning and Care of Your Glasses

It’s always a good idea to keep your Sightline Readers clean. However, this isn’t as simple as wiping your glasses on...

Attention to Details - Hinge Screws

At Sightline we pay attention to the details.  Here is one example.   One of the biggest failure points on all glasse...

The collection grows ...

Sightline growth is well underway - adding many new styles to the selection of the best multifocal reading glasses.  ...

Stephanie Malter joins the Sightline Reading Glasses Team

Stephanie Malter has joined SightLine multifocus reading glasses in the roll of Product Development Manager.  Under S...

Hey Bruce, what do you mean by your frames are prescription quality?

Sightline was launched out of a sixty-five year old wholesale optical eyeglass frame company.  We designed frames, us...

Do blue light blocking glasses work?

Evidence of the benefit from using a blue light blocking lens is inconclusive.  There is no doubt regarding the need ...

SightLine optical quality frames versus cheap reading glasses

In this video we compare one of our optical quality frames versus other reading glasses.  

Can I Buy Reading Glasses with my HSA or FSA?

Yes you can buy reading glasses with your HSA or FSA account.

Going Green / Packaging Redesign

Reducing waste with new eco-friendly packaging.

Remote Area Medical - Vision Care for Folks Who Need Some Help

Generosity among people that work in the optical industry is astounding.  It's gratifying to be able to help those in...

The Optical Industry - Why Do Glasses Cost So Much?

SightLine grew from a 65 year-old optical eyeglass frame company.  At its peak, we sold over 20,000 eyeglass frames p...
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