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Sightline progressive power reading glasses

Three levels of magnification, one great pair of readers!

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Do blue light blocking glasses work?

Do blue light blocking glasses work?

There's been much written about the merits of blue light blocking.  

However, evidence of the benefit from using a blue light blocking lens is inconclusive. Check this video.  

There is no doubt regarding the need for proper magnification, which is self evident to users of reading glasses.  The other solid science, AR coating on lenses.    

Sightline's approach is to provide the proper level of magnification for multiple tasks (looking at your computer screen and reading for example) with a progressive power multi focus lens designed for that specific use, and then we add an AR coating to further reduce eye-strain.  

With hundreds of thousands of pairs sold, and many, many repeat customers, we have the right formula.  

Feel the comfort of Sightline Multifocus Reading Glasses - the one pair you will always want to wear.  

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