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Sightline progressive power reading glasses

Three levels of magnification, one great pair of readers!

  • Free Shipping - Free Returns - Six-month Warranty

Ever tried multifocal reading glasses?

A properly designed and fitted pair of multifocal readers is a revelation!  

  • Sightline Lenses:  Designed in France and manufactured using a patented process, Sightline lenses require no period of adaptation.  Like a comfortable pair of shoes, you'll know they work for you within a few minutes.  Nine out of ten customers keep their first pair, and most order more!  Just in case. . . SightLine offers free shipping-- both ways, so:  If you have to adapt, send 'em back for a full refund.   
  • Sightline Frames:  You will spend more time with your Sightline readers on your face than on the top of your head.  Popping readers on and off will decrease.  So, you will want a fashionable, high quality frame that provides long life service. Prescription eyeglasses are where it all started at Sightline.  Our frames are second to none!
  • Style: Sightline has frames from simple to trendy:  metal, titanium, hand-polished acetate, combinations. . . we have them!  Great shapes, fantastic colors, we are sure to have a style that will look great on you. And we back it all up with a six month warranty too!  


  • Provides the proper level of magnification for near vision tasks
  • Anti-Reflective Coating Reduces Glare
  • Relieves Eye Strain 
  • Facilitates a Comfortable Posture While Working on a Computer

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