Use Reading Glasses?

Ever tried multifocal reading glasses?

A properly designed and fitted pair of multifocal readers is a revelation!  

Here is why you should consider Sightline multifocus reading glasses:

  • Lenses:  Sightline lens are super comfortable.  Designed in France and manufactured using a patented process, our lenses require no period of adaptation.  Like a comfortable pair of shoes, you'll know they work for you within a few minutes of use.  SightLine’s offers Free shipping both ways so:  "If you have to adapt, send 'em back."   Nine out of ten users keep their first pair of Sightline readers.  And, most customers order additional pairs.
  • Frames:  Prescription eyeglasses are where it all started for Sightline.  You will wear Sightline readers more because of the superior lenses.  No more popping readers on and off, or perching them on the top of your head.  So, you will want a fashionable, high quality frame that provides long life service. 
  • Style - From simple to trendy, metal to hand-polished acetate, Sightline Readers have a variety of frames in different sizes and styles to match your look.   
Reading Glasses have been around for hundreds of years.  Computers, smart phones, tablets - not so much.  In SightLine Multifocus readers, reading glasses have evolved to match the digital technology we use everyday.  
Over 75% of computer users report eye-strain symptoms. SightLine multifocus lenses are designed specifically to enhance vision for people who use reading glasses, but are doing more than just reading printed material.


  • Provides the Proper Magnification for the Task
  • Anti-Reflective Coating Reduces Glare
  • Relieves Eye Strain 
  • Facilitates a Comfortable Posture While Working on a Computer


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