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Sightline progressive power reading glasses

Three levels of magnification, one great pair of readers!

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SightLine Multifocal Reading Glasses Price Points

SightLine Multifocal Reading Glasses Price Points

Sightline multifocus reading glasses come at three basic price points:

  • Below $20.00 These are reader quality frames like those available at drug stores and mass-merchandise retailers.  They are a great choice if you have not used multifocus reading glasses and want to dip your toe into the reader revolution.  
  • Between $20 and $30 These are optical eyeglass frames.  All are suitable for prescriptions lenses.  These same frames wholesale into many large optical programs around the USA –the frame alone retails for $49 to $99 in optical shops. Plastic models can be heated (that matters to an Optician) and adjusted.  Metal models have stainless steel eye-wires, adjustable nose pads, and temples that can be shaped for a custom fit.  
  • Over $30 These are premium quality optical eyeglass frames.  This category has the same properties as above category, but use higher quality materials, better metal plating processes, improved hinges, etc….  These frames alone will retail for $79.00 to $179. Our closest competitor for these models would be Eyebobs or Warby Parker.  Check out these two models as examples:  Sophie and Saul which show screen shots of the same frames at a large on-line eyeglass frame retailer.       

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