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Sightline progressive power reading glasses

Three levels of magnification, one great pair of readers!

  • Free Shipping - Free Returns - Six-month Warranty

About Us

Sightline used to be a division of a 70-year old company which sold tens of thousands of eyeglass frames annually to optical stores throughout the United States. In 2007, while in Milan Italy, I was introduced to a Frenchman who had just finished a lens design, and patented a process, to make a progressive power reading glasses lens in volume. 

As a user of reading glasses I realized right away how superior these were to any other reading glasses I had ever tried.  So, I took a few thousand of our optical eyeglass frames, inserted the Sightline lenses, and started selling them to our optical shop customers.  It was a struggle.  But why?

It turned out our optical shop customers (some quite large with dozens, even a hundred stores) did not want to sell a ready-made reader for around thirty to sixty dollars.  They preferred to sell their patients an "occupational lens" and glasses at a cost of a few hundred dollars- and returned a big-fat profit to their bottom line.  (Check out my take on profits in the eyeglass world in our blog.)  So, in 2018 SightLine became an independent company focused on one thing:  Selling directly to the consumer a high-quality pair of progressive reading glasses at a reasonable price. 

We use the same formula as we started with in 2007:  We take an optical eyeglass frame, add the Sightline lenses, and ship them direct to you.  No middle-man, no retail markup.  You get a great pair of readers and pay a fair price.  

Fun Facts:

  • We have many post-cataract, and contact lens customers who were referred to us from their eye doctor... The ones who are not strictly profit motivated, because our product is superior and reasonably priced.  

  • Sightline was first to market a progressive power multifocal reader in the USA- well before Foster Grant multifocus was introduced, and well before the market got flooded with cheap, poor performing, Chinese junk. 

  • Sightline designs all our readers in the USA and ships from the Chicago area.  

  • Well over half our customers are repeat purchasers.

  • We hate advertising - it is rip off.  We have tried them all.  We rather keep our prices lower by not paying for expensive on-line advertising like some of our competitors.  (Full disclosure we do still do some Facebook advertising.)

  • Yes, the picture at the bottom is me.  When I am not designing or shipping readers, you can find me out west skiing, under the water diving, at the track racing my spec Miata, or walking my dog - Pinto. 

Sightline offers a complete satisfaction guarantee and free shipping both ways.  Give Sightline a try and see for yourself why we have so many happy repeat customers.  

Sightline is the one pair you will always want to wear.

.All the Best,

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