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Sightline progressive power reading glasses

Three levels of magnification, one great pair of readers!

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1.) Do Sightline progressive reading glasses have magnification at the top?

Yes they do, because providing magnification at the top offers maximum comfort, and easy adaptation. 

A frequent problem with prescription progressive lenses is people have trouble adapting to them, Sightline has solved the adaptation challenge with our unique and patented lens production process. The design was developed with maximum comfort and ease of adaptation in mind.  In order to do this, we developed our lenses with a very subtle power transition.  Sightline uses the full height of the lens (called the lens B-dimension) to allow for a smooth and comfortable power magnification transition. 

So why no zero-magnification at the top of the lens?  To design a lens with zero-magnification at the top, we would need to have a much more abrupt transition to the section of the lens that provides the proper level of magnification for the task at hand.  In effect, you would have a lens that was not very progressive and would be closer to a lined bi-focal design.  That’s just uncomfortable.  

(Foster Grant used to offer a product called "All Day" reading glasses.  These had zero magnification at the top.  They have discontinued this product.  My guess is they were hard to adapt to for most wearers. February 01, 2021.)  

Sightline multifocal readers maximize comfort for reading, working on a computer and near vision tasks.  We have nailed this tricky balance and have tens of thousands of happy customers who feel the comfort of Sightline progressive power reading glasses.  Satisfaction guaranteed!  


 2.)  Is there a period of time where I need to get used to multifocal reading glasses. 

Nope! "If you have to adapt, send them back."  

Our competitors will tell you the progressive lenses take some time to adapt to. We think this is poppycock.  We designed Sightline lenses specifically so you would not have to adapt to them.  The analogy is a pair of shoes:  If the shoes are not comfortable in the store, they are probably not going to be more comfortable at home.  We do offer fit guidlines, and since we use optical quality frames there are adjustments that can be made to improve performance.  


 3.)  I see Sightline Readers on eBay, are the multifocus?  


We do not sell on eBay.  The reading glasses on eBay are not multifocus, they are regular reading glasses that were sold in a brick and mortar retail store chain years ago.  That store chain went bankrupt and the glasses you may find on eBay are old inventory.  


4.)  What about if I use a quarter diopter like a 1.75?

No worries.... simply round up to the next highest power.  

Since the lenses have different powers in them, you will find a comfortable spot for reading as you look through the lens.  


5.) Anti-reflective (AR) coating - Glare on a zoom call?  

We often get questions regarding how you can reduce the reflections when you are on a zoom call. No matter what lenses you use- or how they are coated, you can have problems with reflections in your glasses.  Here is a good article on how to improve this situation.   Put on your Sightline Readers and have a look!  


6.)  Who is your main competition?

Foster Grant multifocus reading glasses are the biggest competitor.  They use lower quality frames than Sightline, and have far fewer style choices.  Foster Grant is owned by Luxottica who you might remember from this 60-minutes report on eyeglasses.  

We have other competitors too.  But our combination of quality frames and patented lenses, and low overhead mean you get an outstanding product and are not overpaying for the experience.  

Lastly, there are a bunch of low priced low quality progressive reading glasses in Amazon.  We have tried over a dozen of these and they frankly are subpar in terms of the frame quality and lens design.  We found most to be almost unusable because of the poor lens magnification transition.  Not all progressive readers are the same, and we stand behind ours with a total satisfaction guarantee and a six-month warranty.  


Any other question, please reach out to use via email, and we will be happy to help. 

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