Frame Sizing Guide

Sightline Readers work best when the frame positions the lens properly in front of your eyes.  

Two elements to consider for optimal fit: 


How to measure your PD?  Easy...  Queue the smart-phone. 

Download one of the applications below and measure your PD. 

Mostly, PDs range between 56 and 66 mm. 

Use the "PD +" filter to find your fit. Sightline's lens design mean it's totally cool for you to stray a few millimeters off your PD and find the style to suit your groove.      

PD measurement tool for Apple

PD measurement tool for Android

Getting you the correct frame width means your Sightline readers will be comfortable to wear. 

Who knows your head size better than you?  Sightline frames are all listed as Narrow, Medium, or Wide. Your guess is probably good enough.  

Want to measure your head?  There's a link for that.

Narrow -  125 mm to 130 mm | 4 7/8" to 5 1/8 inches
Medium- 130 to 138 mm | 5 1/8" to 5 5/8
Wide- 138mm and larger | 5 5/8" and up
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