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Sightline progressive power reading glasses

Three levels of magnification, one great pair of readers!

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What are progressive power reading glasses?

Progressive Power Reading Glasses:

Progressive power reading glasses, also known as progressive readers or multifocus readers, are a type of eyeglasses designed for people who need correction for presbyopia, a age-related condition that affects near vision.

Key Features:

  • No lines or bifocal segments: Unlike traditional bifocal or trifocal glasses, progressive lenses have a seamless, gradual transition between different power zones.
  • Multiple power zones: Progressive lenses typically have three power zones:
    1. Distance zone: For seeing objects across the table or across the room. 
    2. Intermediate zone: For seeing objects at arm's length, like computer screens or books.
    3. Near zone: For seeing close-up objects, like reading materials or fine print.


  • Convenient: No need to switch between different glasses for different tasks.
  • Comfortable: Reduces eye strain and fatigue.
  • Cosmetic appeal: No visible lines or segments.  And no need to wear your glasses down on your nose, or the top of your head. 

Overall, progressive power reading glasses offer a practical and stylish solution for people who need correction for presbyopia.

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