Sightline multifocus reading glasses

At Sightline readers, we are dedicated to providing you with the best progressive reading glasses on the market. Our lenses are meticulously engineered to deliver the optimal level of magnification for tasks like reading and using a computer. Say goodbye to the frustrating period of adaptation commonly associated with progressive lenses thanks to our revolutionary design. Trust Sightline for exceptional quality and comfort.

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Check out why Sightline are the best progressive reading glasses.

Your glasses should fit like a glove, and function better than any other readers you have ever used. so, check out our sizing tools.

sightline's patented multifocus progressive reading glasses are unique

Unlike most progressive power lenses, Sightline require no period of adjustment. "If you have to adapt - send them back" is our motto.

Free returns if you are not 100% satisfied.

Sightline: One pair - three levels of magnification.

Sightline lenses were designed in France to provide the best multifocal reading glass experience.  Sightline's progressive lens design is superior.  “If you have to adapt – send them back”. 

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Excellence & Experience

SightLine multifocus is built on over sixty-five years of experience in the optical industry. Backed by a six-month warranty.

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