Sightline multifocus reading glasses

Over 70 styles in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Satisfaction guaranteed. Free shipping and returns. Check out why Sightline are the best multifocal reading glasses.

Size matters: Your glasses should fit like a glove, and function like no other readers you have used before.

Sightline: One pair - three levels of magnification.

Sightline lenses were designed in France to provide the best multifocal reading glass experience.  Sightline's progressive lens design is superior.  “If you have to adapt – send them back”. 

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Excellence & Experience

The SightLine multifocus brand is built on over sixty-five
years of experience
 in the optical industry. Backed by a six-month warranty.

Why Sightline multifocus reading glasses?

Style  -  Technology -  Quality

SightLine multi focus reading glasses are stylish: With over 60 styles to shoose from you are sure to find a pair that fit great and look even better.

Sightline multifocal lenses are awesome. Designed in France, Sightline lenses are built for easy adaptation and comfort.

Sightline has an unsurpassed six-month warranty and outstanding customer service.

"The one pair you'll always want to wear"  

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