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Why SightLine Multifocal Reading Glasses?

SightLine Multifocal Reading Glasses are Better than Old-Fashioned Reading Glasses.  Why? 

Check Out Our  Videos:  Dr. Steve explains why you need different magnifications for different tasks.  Video was done before Sightline was widely available.  But they are now!  SightLine Multi focus reading glasses reduce eye strain and bring your near vision into clear focus. With SightLine Multifocus lenses, you no longer have to switch between multiple pairs of glasses. Instead, you can have:  The one pair you'll always want to wear.  

Free shipping & returns

Eyeglasses need to be tried on to ensure proper fit and function.  We offer a complete satisfaction guarantee and free shipping both ways.

Excellence & Experience

SightLine Readers build on over 65 years of experience to bring you the best reading glasses. 

SightLine Multifocus Readers starting at $20 are true optical quality eyeglasses, not cheap, brittle plastic or metal that will turn green.  Customers can take these frames to an optical shop and use with prescription lenses. 

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