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Sightline progressive power reading glasses

Three levels of magnification, one great pair of readers!

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The Optical Industry - Why Do Glasses Cost So Much?

SightLine grew from a 70 year-old optical eyeglass frame company.  At its peak, we sold over 20,000 eyeglass frames per month, and had over 300 individual styles at several price points.  So, it would be fair to say - we know the eyeglass industry very well. 

The optical industry is going through many changes thanks to Luxottica, other huge players in the industry, Warby Parker, and venture capital firms entering the space to consolidate retail.  Sadly, eventually the independent optical shop may go the way of your local drug store.  That would be a shame - so get your eyes examined regularly.  Many optical shops are owned by small business people.  It's a great opportunity to "buy local".  

The monster of the reading glasses market is Foster Grant (FGX).  FGX brand is Magnivision, they are sold in mass market retailers like Walgreen, CVS, etc.  FGX was an old USA based company (remember these groovy TV ads?) recently purchased by EssilorLuxottica of Italy.  Want to learn more?  See this 60-Minutes report.

If EssilorLuxottica did what SightLine does, in terms of quality and price, it would conflict with their goal of selling hugely marked up ophthalmic frames and lenses.  They dumb down the quality of the reading glasses frames, so as to not risk alienating the professionals who pay big dollars for the "designer" brands they market.

SightLine's Mission:  Provide the best quality reading glasses at a reasonable price.  We style our glasses to match the popular trends in eyeglasses - not to make bold or irreverent styling statements.  We want you to be happy with your glasses now and for years to come.  

SightLine comes at three basic price points:

  • Below $20.00 = Reader quality frames like FGX and other reading glasses companies.  These are a great way to try Sightline multifocal reading glasses.  We have pretty much walked away from this market in more recent years.  
  • Between $20 and $35 = High Quality Readers Made from Optical Quality Eyeglass frames.  Plastic models can be heated (that matters to an Optician) and adjusted, and have metal spring hinges.  Metal models have stainless steel eye-wires, and nose pads and temples that can be adjusted.  These are suitable for prescriptions lenses.  These same frames used to wholesale into many large optical programs around the USA –these frames would retail for $49 to $150 in optical shops. 
  • Over $35 = Premium Quality Readers Made From Premium Quality Optical Frames.  Same properties as above category, but with higher quality materials, metal plating processes, hinges, etc….  These are the same frames we would wholesale to optical shops who would retail them for $100 to $250.   

Our customers see the value, and feel the comfort, of wearing SightLine Multifocal Readers.  We have MANY repeat customers, and our return rate (returns are free), is in the single digits. Try SightLine, see clearly why we are the best multifocus reading glass.  

  • Styled in the USA for the North American Market. 
  • Distributed from Chicago
  • FDA Registered
  • ISO 9001 Factory



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