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Sightline progressive power reading glasses

Three levels of magnification, one great pair of readers!

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T612 Medium +

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Product Information
FitMedium +
A = Lens Width55 mm
B = Lens Height33 mm
C = Temple Length140 mm
D = Bridge15 mm
E = Frame Width135 mm

Sightline T612 multifocus reading glasses provide the appropriate lens strength for all close-up tasks. Leave behind the constant swapping of glasses and settle in with a comfortable and reliable pair of reading glasses that broaden your horizons. Whether it's at a computer, reading, or around the table - Sightline's patented multifocal lens technology has everything needed to operate comfortably and look stylish. A bold sheet front provides a different look from that of transitional metal frames, while spring hinges ensure comfort and durability. Soft silicon nose pads are an additional bonus, with two colors available - matte black or dark chocolate brown.

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