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Sightline multifocal reading glasses have three different strengths in one pair of readers.  Multiple levels of magnification are better for multitasking - like reading, and working on your computer.  Goodbye to leaving reading glasses everywhere. Hello to ONE affordable, stylish, pair of readers for multitasking anywhere.  Sightline multifocus reading glasses are the ONLY pair you’ll want to wear!   

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Sightline Proximity Reading Glasses feature Multifocal Lens Technology

- Progressive lenses:  No bifocal lines -

- State of the art reading glasses -

SightLine Proximity Readers are fashionable multifocus reading glasses that meet this century's reading needs. The magnification you need for work at a computer screen differs from what you need for reading. Eye fatigue experienced by readers and computer users, computer vision syndrome, is reduced with SightLine Multifocal Readers.

Drug store readers are designed to view objects 14 to 18 inches away. When you look past that distance, objects get fuzzy.  SightLine Proximity Readers, with multifocal lenses, work better than regular readers, or bifocal reading glasses for comupter users. SightLine are simply better reading glasses with state of the art progressive lens technology.  

You have to try SightLine Proximity to appreciate the difference.  And, because we want you to be completely satisfied, free shipping both ways is provided.

Combat computer vision syndrome, reduce fatigue, look sharp, and be more productive. You will thank yourself for trying SightLine! Guaranteed.



Sightline Multifocus Readers


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