Going Green / Packaging Redesign

Through the years, I have seen an increase in plastic junk in the water while diving or at the beach.  And, of course there is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch. Yikes!  

It got me thinking - how can I reduce my plastic use at home and work? 

One way was to redesign our SightLine Multifocal Reading Glasses packaging.  We set a goal of:  

  • Eliminating plastic packaging
  • Reducing waste that ends up in a landfill
  • Decreasing shipping weights and bulk to lower the transportation carbon footprint

The results:

  • New packaging using a cardboard box
  • Less printed material that gets thrown away
  • Reducing plastic pieces from seven, to two very small plastic film pieces  
  • Increasing the density of items shipped to save fuel  

It will take a while for all the products to be converted, but we are on the way!  

Update:  August 2021 - Sometimes if you order multiple pair of Sightline readers, we will send them in a reused box, or mailer.  We are also beginning to use recycled and recyclable kraft paper mailers we recently discovered as packaging for multiple pair orders.  

SightLine Readers - looking out and seeing clearly.  

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