Technical Details SightLine Lens and Frame

Most people spend several hours a day in front of a computer screen.  The results: Blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes and light sensitivity. Over 75% of computer users report eye-strain symptoms. SightLine Proximity lenses are designed specifically to enhance vision for work-related and leisure activities for people who need reading glasses.  SightLine Readers are a pleasure to use compared to reading glasses. 

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The graphics below represent the different levels of magnification in a SightLine Multi-focal len.  

 Relieves eye strain related to computer / reduces eye fatigue
 Facilitates a comfortable posture while working on a computer
 Less head movements - no more eye bobing 

 SightLine glasses are not worn like old granny glasses down at the bottom of your nose - you look better and see better!

Sightline Proximity Readers are offered at two price points.  The difference is in the quality of the frame used.  Lower priced models use a reading glasses quality frame, similar to reading glasses purchased at the drug, or mass merchandise store.  Higher priced models use optical quality eyeglass frame, like you would get at an eyeglass shop.  


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