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SightLine Proximity Reader are the best multifocus reading glasses you may ever own.  Many of our customers place repeat orders.  SightLine are engineered to provide multiple levels of magnification in one pair of reading glasses.  The result is a pair or readers which are much better than standard or bifocal reading glasses. For detailed information on these stylish reading glasses check our Technical Details section.  

Progressive lenses have been used for years by people who need glasses, now you can have the benefits of progressive multifocus type lenses in a pair of fashionable fun or funky reading glasses at a price much less than you would pay at your eye doctor's office for similar reading glasses.  

Use our website filters to find the right readers for your needs:  Large reading glasses, petite size readers, we have them all!  

We guarantee your satisfaction. Free shipping both ways.  Buy with confidence.  We have over 60 years experience in the eyeglasses industry.   
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Not your mothers old reading glasses.  These progressive lens reading glasses are super cool, h..
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These progressive lens reading glasses are super cool, high-quality, and feature a multifocal lens d..
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